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The largest marketplace for  buying used automatic and manual transmissions and  transfer cases.

Dutch Rebuilt is supplier for  the  professional transmission re builders when it comes to used transmissions and transfer cases.

For our customers we select the best available used transmissions and transfer cases.

Why Dutch Rebuilt?

Automatic transmission parts for passenger vehicles has declined sharply in recent years and OEM sales prices continue to increase . A well-known problem of every automatic transmission overhaul specialist throughout Europe is the search for alternatives.

Why  buying selected used transmissions/ transfer case?

Over the years we have seen that replacing a selected used transmission or a transfer case is a good alternative for a big group of  rebuilders.  More rebuilders are now  finding their way to Dutch Rebuilt and buying and installing used transmissions and transfer cases . At this moment Dutch Rebuilt has 71 warehouses  and  a minimum of  350.000 automatic transmissions  available for our customers.

By connecting stocks of the best overhaul specialists throughout Europe, we are able to help our customers quickly and professionally with used transmissions and used  transfer cases.

How to order?

Our ordering process is simple and fast and that is what our customer need.

No more waiting  on the phone , always a quick reply.

By sending the VIN code  and the article number of the transmission to our

Whatsapp +31 621 980 661 we are able to send  you all the information you need

(price , delivery time, transport cost, pictures )

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If you need help just send me a message on our WhatsApp +31621980661

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Thierry van Vierssen